Meet the oldest resident of the bears village

John Taylor is buried in Leadhills graveyard beside his son Robert. The headstone reads.....

'by the side of his father, John Taylor who died in this place at the remarkable age of 137 years'

Mr Taylor - 1633 - 1770. John Taylor was working in a mine during the eclipse of 1652, a fact that is documented. We know that at 26 years of age he was working in the mines in County Durham and at 35 he was sent to Islay. He then worked in the Mint in Edinburgh before going back to Islay where he met and married his wife and went on to have nine children. In 1730 he was working in the mines at Stronian and finally moved to Leadhills in 1732 where he worked for a further 19 years before retiring in 1752. His cottage was situated at Gold Scars, two miles below Leadhills and he frequently walked 2 miles of hilly road into Leadhills to visit his children and grandchildren and walk back the same day. He was certainly known to have done it when he was 128.
For the benefit of John Taylor's story as told from our Mining Bear point of view we are having his retirement party when he is 119 years of age.